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"We take our breathing for granted the way we take our heartbeat for granted: the difference is we can work on our breathing."
- Carla Melucci Ardito


BREATHING LESSONS has been recommended for alleviating Anxiety and enhancing General Health by The American Counselors Association and Talk To An Expert, Inc. It has been written up in The Huffington Post, Massage Magazine and Natural Healthcare of Canada as well as applauded for it’s effectiveness and simplicity by the iPad Guy and HellaWella just to name a few.

We all know that deep breathing is crucial to our health but few of us actually know HOW to practice deep breathing.

Finally, BREATHING LESSONS, an app that explains clearly and simply HOW to breathe better.

See and feel what it means to take in a deep, full inhalation and learn the importance of posture, as BL takes you through your body, from head to hips and guides you through the movements and mechanics of unencumbered respiration.

There are eight brief and easy to follow lessons that will have you breathing better after just one viewing. At any stressful time, or ideally once per day, you can utilize these therapeutic breathing techniques to help lower your breathing rate and put you in control of your health and fitness by balancing the vital systems of your body.

You will be able to practice what you are learning anywhere and at anytime and will want this app as your companion whenever you need to be calm and focused.

A free weekly tip will help to keep you curious and inspired.

Included are:

4 videos demonstrating the mechanics of deep breathing.
4 videos demonstrating the effects of poor posture vs. proper posture.
Basic cued breathing practice with user control of timing inhalations and exhalations as you work towards a 13 second exhalation and a 7 second inhalation.
Verbally cued practice to enhance awareness.
Relaxing music to accompany your breathing practice for the purpose of reducing stress.

The following are just some of the benefits of optimum breathing:

  • Strong variable heart rate
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Improved Lymphatic System
  • Balanced autonomic nervous system
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Aid digestion
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Alleviate menopausal symptoms
  • Eliminate vertigo
  • Relieve back pain
  • Improved Focus
  • Better sleep


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Customer Testimonials:

“Breathing Lessons – life changing. I have struggled with Asthma my entire life and have never been able to control my breathing until I learned how breathe the right way. This app has shown me to be more aware of my breathing which has strenghten my lungs. Try it and you’ll notice that as you live your crazy day to day life, you will subconscious remember to breathe the right way. That’s how powerful this app is. Carla, I can’t thank you enough for introducing this wonderful tool to my life. ♥”

“I listened to Carla on the Doctors Radio this week and I was very interested in everything you had to say. I bought the Breathing Lessons app and I love it!!! I have asthma and breathing is something I need to know how to do better, thank you! I work at a school and I have been telling everyone about your App. Who would have thought that breathing right is so powerful :-)”

From the App Store:

It’s like having a breathing instructor in your pocket ★★★★★
by daemundawg
“This app is one of those great go to apps on my phone and ipad. To begin with, the instructions for practice coupled with animated illustrations makes it incredibly clear and easy how to practice good breathing. Mrs Ardito doesn’t push, she guides in a wonderfully calm and open way. You know it’s working because you feel it working. As I said this is one of those go to apps for me. In times of stress, sadness or just when I need a calm moment I pull this out and let her guide me there. It works every time.”

A Great Everyday Exercise ★★★★★
by MIsabelG
“The App is great – it gives simple clear instructions for correct breathing. The best part for me are the step-by-step animated diagrams in each lesson that help you visualize what is going on inside your body when you breath. An essential app for all those who want to learn good breathing techniques and how to breath mindfully – it has even helped me better my meditation and yoga breathing exercises and is must-have app for all singers who need to learn how to sustain breath.”

Transformative Skill ★★★★★
by Finding Calm and Ease
“This app could be one of the most important wellness tools available! As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety and a stress-related digestive disorder, learning how to slow down and breath healed my overactive nervous system and calmed my racing mind. Carla’s instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. Just a few minutes of practice a day brings me to a centered, peaceful place in my body, so I can fully enjoy the present!”

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