Feelings are the energy that fuels our thoughts; without them I doubt our brains could function well. It’s plausible to say that we have feelings about everything, and that those feelings spur our thoughts. For instance, the question of what causes a newborn to take its first breath is still being debated; but I believe the answer is, an emotion. Wikipedia says, that “when a newborn is expelled from the birth canal, its central nervous system reacts to the sudden change in temperature and environment” and this causes them to take their first breath. A reaction is a sensation that causes a feeling. If feelings caused us to take our first breath, is it too far fetched to assume that feelings are the reason we are living?


How and Why does trauma affect our breathing?
We do not think ourselves through situations we feel our way through situations. When we experience anything in life that is so hurtful to us that we cannot bear to feel, this is trauma. The logical mind cannot comprehend what has occurred until our bodies have been allowed to feel. In fact, the root of the word ‘sensitive’ comes from the Latin ‘sensible’ The ancient humans knew that it is because of our ability to ‘sense’ that we are able to understand the experiences we are having in our lives. The breath functions on the waves of our emotions and so too does it stop flowing when we stop the flow of feelings.